Marriage Equality Probably Can't Be Stopped in Ohio. Sorry, Bigots

Today's Columbus Dispatch has a story headlined "Same-sex marriage likely to be on ballot."

It starts "It’s all but certain that Ohioans will vote this fall on a constitutional amendment seeking to overturn the 2004 state ban on same-sex marriage."

This isn't news to those of us who have watched the grassroots movement now dubbed FreedomOhio snowball since its formation a little over a year ago. Some of the big players in the LGBT movement have tried to put the brakes on it, prioritizing states where they feel it's more of a "sure thing" to pass. But the movement in Ohio has just kept growing.

When even the Columbus Dispatch acknowledges that it's likely to succeed in getting on the ballot, well then, it most likely will.

Ian James, one of the people who launched the campaign in Ohio last January, told the Dispatch, "We will qualify (for the ballot) in over 50 counties. We will have the signatures to file by July 3. ... We would do this no matter when it appears on the ballot.” (The group can decide whether it wants to submit the signatures for this year or wait until next year; signatures are good indefinitely as long as the voter doesn't move, die or otherwise become ineligible to vote).

Can it pass? We'll see. The landscape is changing rapidly on this issue.

Of course, this was predictable:

Phil Burress, head of Citizens for Community Values and the architect of the same-sex marriage ban, said he’s ready for a fight.

“We are building our campaign and contacts in all 88 counties and in churches all across Ohio,” he said.

“We realize the man from the Obama campaign[Greg Schultz, OFA's Ohio director] has joined their team, but this is not election for president. This is about marriage.”

Or in the case of the thrice-married, self-admitted porn addict Burress, it's about multiple marriages. Phil's act is getting old, isn't it? Hopefully it will be too old and tired to have much influence on Ohio voters.

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