Meet Rob Zerban, Democratic Candidate for Paul Ryan's Seat

I don't normally feature out-of-state congressional races — we've got too many hot races here in Ohio — but this is too good not to share. As extreme as he is, Paul Ryan's district is very swingy. Apparently, he's done a good job or masquerading as a "moderate," sort of like LaTourette. And he seems like a "nice young man," and Democrats haven't really challenged him.

That is changing. He's running against a real progressive named Rob Zerban, who has already raised a million dollars, a considerable sum for a house race. Zerban is pro-choice, he supports marriage equality, he's an environmental activist, and he's a trained chef!

Now Zerban's got the advantage of Ryan's radical budget being in the headlines, something that may have flown under the radar of many constituents previously. And it might not be a plus that Ryan is running for vice president. That will keep him traveling around the country and out of the district. It could give rise to a "Ryan doesn't care about Wisconsin-01" narrative, similar to the one that swirled around Dennis Kucinich in 2008 when he had four primary challengers playing on peoples' annoyance with his presidential run.

But Zerban has found and is exploiting Ryan's real achilles heel: his biggest groupie is Dick Cheney, who said last year, "I worship the ground Paul Ryan walks on."

There's video. Zerban has it posted. This isn't going to help Ryan in either one of his races. So sad. LOL.

I just love the offhand sneer

with which he says those words, too. You might ALMOST think he was being sarcastic, only we know that's just the way Cheney talks. Haven't you missed him? (NO!)

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