Mitt Romney Is a "Hep Cat." Really!

That's why his campaign posted his playlist, to show you what a cool guy he is and how tuned in to popular culture:

Some of the comments are even better than the playlist, for instance:

"'The Great Pretender' would create the impression of self-aware humor."

"His campaign actually wanted people to know these were his picks for a road trip!?! Yoicks! He does know that people under 50 can vote, right?"

"I wonder who'll be on the playlist when the primaries shift back northwards?
" (Undoubtedly a reference to the fact that eight of the 19 songs are country tunes).



Took the boys at the consulting firm all night to come up with this one."

Most of the commenters don't buy Romney as a passionate music fan. Gee, I wonder why.

And speaking of Romney, if you'd like to see all his "I'm a really rich guy" gaffes in one place, bookmark this:

It's got all the videos including Romney suggesting that $400,000 wasn't a lot of money, dropping his $10,000 bet like it was ten bucks, and asserting that he's such a NASCAR fans, he's friend with a lot of owners. His latest gaffe was to declare his football loyalties in terms of being friends with NFL owners. The guy just can't help himself.

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