The Moment of Truth in their Lies

As I drove into work Wednesday morning after the election, I noticed many of the Romney Ryan signs I was used to seeing were gone.

“That was quick,” I thought to myself.

I don’t believe I had ever seen signs taken down so quickly after an election. I really didn’t think much of it until I started reading reports about the utter confusion some Romney Ryan supporters were going through. A quote from an article in the Washington Examiner titled: In Boston, stunned Romney supporters struggle to explain defeat, pretty much sums up their delusion…

”Indeed, what was striking after Fox News called the race for Obama, at about 11:15pm, was how stunned so many of Romney’s supporters were. Many said they were influenced by the prominent conservatives who predicted a big Romney win, and they fully expected Tuesday night to be a victory celebration.

“”I am shocked, I am blown away,” said Joe Sweeney, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.””

They believed all of it. They believed all the spin, the lies and the hyperbole. They believed all the major polls were wrong and only far-right ones like Rasmussen could be “trusted.” They believed all the Dick Morrises, the Karl Roves, the John Sununus, the John Kasichs (who said internal polls showed Romney would win Ohio), and in the end they got burned. They got burned badly.

How sad.

Every so often their little bubble pops. It doesn’t happen often enough though. I wonder if they’ll ever really wake up.

For now though, if you’re a right-winger, be prepared. Be prepared, because eventually you’ll end up looking like this lady from 2008.

I noticed that too

There's a huge, sprawling stone house in Cleveland Heights on Euclid Heights Boulevard near Derbyshire (a block or two from Cedar-Fairmount) that had a Romney sign up the last couple of weeks. When I drove by Wednesday morning, it was gone. I don't think the wind did it. Many Obama signs are still up here in Cleveland Heights.

I enjoyed this one, also on Euclid Heights, up near Severance Center:


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