More GOP Intransgience

"Ron Johnson: John Boehner Would Lose Speakership If He Caves On Taxes To Avert Sequester"

In other words, collapse the economy, destroy the government, paralyze Obama's presidency ... or else. Somebody tell me why these people aren't being charged with treason yet. They love to babble about Obama trying to overthrow democracy with not a shred of evidence and no reason except "OMG HE'S BLACK." But when you see threats like this, you have to wonder who it is that really hates America.

Of course, Ron Johnson is a Senator (from Wisconsin) so he does not speak for the House and has little influence there. He's probably been hanging out in a D.C. bar having drinks with his teabagger buddies from the House, listening to them grouse that even though their policies are supported by only a minute fraction of Americans, they aren't getting their way 100%.

Also, this is the same Ron Johnson who, incredibly, got elected AFTER it was revealed that he defended the interests of pedophile protectors over the welfare of children who had been violated.

Johnson went to the Wisconsin legislature in 2009 to testify against the proposed Child Victims Sexual Abuse Act, saying "“I think it's a valid question to ask if the employer of the perpetrator should also be severely damaged, possibly destroyed, in a legitimate desire for justice."

As one blogger put it, "Well… actually that’s not a valid question! It’s an incredibly stupid question! If the Green Bay Diocese knew that a pedophile priest was in their organization and instead of calling the police, reassigned him to another parish, of course they should be sued!"

That wasn't theoretical. The Green Bay Diocese DID know this and had a history of reassigning such priests. And who should turn up testifying on behalf of the Green Bay Diocese Finance Council but ... Ron Johnson! Small world.

I look fondly back to the days when being six degrees of separation from someone who defended a pedophile disqualified you from even running for office. Now the voters of Wisconsin, a formerly rational state that has lost its mind, elect the defender himself.

Here's the icing on the cake. When Ron Johnson won election in 2010 (defeating honorable progressive Russ Feingold), guess who his top campaign donor was? It's a four-letter word beginning with K.

America, these are the people trying to hold you hostage.

That four-letter word

is "Koch."

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