Most HIlarious Piece of Spam

Or I should say more like dozens of pieces of spam, because I've probably gotten this email 100 times in the last year. But I still laugh every time I see it pop up.

It's titled "Requesting that the Voters from Ohio vote for Mr.Mitt Romney and Mr.Josh Mandel"

God only knows what the goal of this is.


The Voters,
The Ohio State,
The United States Of America.

Dear the Voters,

We request that the Voters from the Republican Party,the Independent
Voters,and the Voters from the Democratic Party vote for Mr.Mitt
Romney from the Republican Party in the US Presidential Election in
Ohio on 6th March,2012 and we also request that the Voters from the
Ohio State,the Independent Voters,the Voters from the Republican Party
and the Voters from the Democratic Party,vote for Mr.Josh Mandel in
the US Senate Election in Ohio on 6th November,2012.

Request By,

Ms.Chit Thu Wai,
Ms.Chit Suu Wai,
Ms.Pa Pa Win Khin,
Ms.Pwint Nadi Mg,
Ms.Ya Min Ko Ko,
Ms.Zar Zar Min Htet,
Ms.Khin Moe Zar,
Ms.Chit Suu,
Ms.Nan Su Yati Soe,
Ms.Wine Su Khine Thein,
Ms.Moe Hay Ko,
Ms.Soe Myat Nandar,
Ms.Soe Myat Kalayar,
Ms.Soe Myat Thuzar,
Ms.Tun Eaindra Bo,
Ms.Nandar Hlaing,
Ms.May Kabyar,
Ms.Khin Lay Nwe,
Ms.Suu Kabyar,
Ms.May Htut Khaung,
Ms.Nway Htet San,
Ms.Aye Myat Thu,
Ms.Yadanar Khin,
Ms.Tin Moe Lwin,
Ms.Suu Pan Htwa,
Mr.Ye Wai Yan,
Mr.Tun Tun,
Mr.Nay Toe,
Mr.Sai Sai Kham Hlaing,
Mr.Hein Wai Yan,
Mr.Ya Wai Aung,
Mr.Pyay Ti Oo,
Mr.Moe Di,
Mr.Kai Zar,
Mr.Myit Tar,
Mr.Nyunt Win,
Mr.Nay Aung,
Mr.Kyaw Hein,
Mr.Thar Nyi,
Mr.Zaw Oo,
Mr.Shar Nyo,
Mr.Min Hein,
Mr.Nay Htet Linn,
Mr.Ye Mon,
Mr.Wai Luu Kyaw,
Mr.Min Maw Kun,
Mr.Zin Wine,
Mr.Lu Min,
Mr.Lwin Moe,
Mr.Kyaw Thu,
Mr.Soe Thu,
Mr.Kyaw Ye Aung,
Mr.Ye Aung,
Mr.Tun Tun Win,
Mr.Sai Htee Sai,
Mr.Htoo Eain Thin,
Ms.Myo Thunder Tun,
Ms.Eaindra Kyaw Zin,
Ms.Thin Zar Wint Kyaw.

Wow, that's persuasive. I think I'll go and do just as they say!

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