NARAL Endorsement of Obama - Bigger Than Edwards?

Last night's rousing endorsement of Barack Obama by former adversary John Edwards was huge (and Edwards' stirring and heavily populist speech was fabulous, I hope that he goes on the road for Obama on a regular basis from here on out), but the decision by NARAL Pro-Choice America to jump on board yesterday may be much more significant. The tough-love message to Hillary Clinton implicit in NARAL's announcement is poignant:

We have been so fortunate to have two fully pro-choice candidates running for the Democratic nomination, and we praised both Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama for their leadership in standing up for women's reproductive rights. But only one candidate can advance to the general election.

NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC is making our endorsement now because every day that passes, Sen. McCain gets a free ride on the issue of choice. That free ride ends today.

Too many voters think that McCain is a moderate. Can someone who's voted anti-choice 125 times out of 130 opportunities on abortion and other reproductive-rights issues be a moderate?

It's time to put that myth to rest. To win in November, NARAL Pro-Choice America will educate swing voters who can tip this election: Republican and Indepdendent women. And we cannot let one more day go by without comparing Sen. Obama's fully pro-choice record to Sen. McCain's anti-choice record.

Switching from Clinton to Obama is going to be painful for women and feminists solidly in her camp ... and for good reason, having waited so long for representation in our highest elected office and having such a powerful champion get so close to that goal. But the situation is dire and they must pivot to face the challenge of keeping an anti-choice zealot out of office. NARAL's move is instrumental to getting the difficult process started.

UPDATE: The United Steelworkers, which had endrosed Edwards, followed his lead and endorsed Obama today. That will be huge in Ohio and Pennsylvania, where that union is strong, and where McCain had an undeservedly high approval rating in union households at present. So that elevates the importance of the Edwards endorsement last night.

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