News and Notes: Ohio

What's happening on the Monday before Thanksgiving in the state that ranks 11th in the nation for overall turkey production, processing more than five million turkeys annually:

Flynt Joins Hollywood Stars in Backing Kucinich - Porn magnate Larry Flynt, an Ohio native, joined Woody Harrelson, Ed Norton, Sean and Robin Wright Penn, Frances Fisher, Stephen Stills, and Melissa Etheridge in co-hosting a fund-raiser for Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Cleveland) at Hustler headquarters in Los Angeles. By the way, Flynt says he's about to go public with more sex scandals involving Republicans.

Toledo Bishop Balks at Domestic Partner Registry Plan - Bishop Leonard Blair objected to a plan to let gay or other unmarried couples register their domestic partnerships at City Hall in a letter read at Sunday masses and sent to Mayor Carty Finkbeiner, who hasn't decided whether to proceed with the plan. Ohio blogger Man With The Muck-Rake comments.

Clean-Up at Dayton-Area Nuclear Site Stalled - The U.S. Department of Energy, owner of the former Mound nuclear plant in suburban Dayton, had budgeted $4.5 million toward clean-up this fall but now says it isn't environmentally necessary and plans to walk away from it early next year if local officials don't come up with another $5 million of their own toward the project.

GOP Legislator Objects to Hiring Bilingual State Employees - State Rep. Courtney Combs (R-Fairfield) doesn't like the fact that Ohio state agencies have been advertising a preference for bilingual job applicants for certain positions like dispatcher and customer service assistant. "We're getting more and more toward a bilingual nation," Cates said. "We want people in this country to speak English. ... It's a sellout to say they can't learn the language. To me, it's more important for them to learn English than it is for us to learn Spanish. It just doesn't make any sense to me."

Four Ohio Cities Among Most Dangerous - According to an analysis of FBI crime statistics, Cleveland ranked 10th, Youngstown 15th, Cincinnati 16th, and Dayton 19th. Parma (at 23rd) was the only Ohio city among the 25 safest. The methodolgy of the report has been sharply criticized, however.

OHFA Approves Funding for Affordable Housing - Developers around Ohio will receive $11.15 millionin loans and bond proceeds from the Ohio Housing Finance Agency Board, a self-supporting quasi-public agency governed by an 11-member board, under plans announced recently. Projects include over $1.5 million in loans for a senior housing community in Delaware County, $3.25 million in bond proceeds to renovate Palmer Garden and a $750,000 loan for the YWCA in Toledo, and a $1 million loan for Cogswell Hall in Cleveland.

Courtney Combs again?

Has anyone given this guy an IQ test to see if he's bright enough to serve in the Ohio legislature? (Yes, I know; the bar is not set very high). This is the same guy who, a few months back, thought the most pressing issue in the state that our lege needed to take up was teenagers using tanning beds, which he wanted to outlaw. The sort of insular yahoos who think knowing fewer languages is better than knowing more are one of the reasons this country is a world-wide laughingstock. Thank, Idiot.

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