News and Notes: Ohio

What's cookin' in the state that lo-o-o-ves to eat (10th highest adult obesity level in the nation at 24.9%):

Kaptur Calls 5th District Special Election a Bellwether for 2008 - "This race will be an indicator for the political climate in Ohio for 2008," Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Toledo) told the Toledo Blade. "Absolutely. It will be a barometer for where we are" heading into next year's presidential election. Lisa Renee is merely skeptical, Jerid outright disagrees.

Kucinich (D) Floats Paul (R) as Possible Running Mate - Oh, puh-leeez.

Dann Wants to Raise Fee for State Background Check Fee - It hasn't been increased in 20 years, and demand will go up due to a new requirement of background checks on more school employees and increased screening of foster parents, day-care providers, and others. The fee would go from $15 to $22, and the state would receive up to $7 million as a result.

Strickland and Sykes Disagree on Timing of Maternity Benefit Change - The governor wants the Ohio Civil Rights Commission to slow down implementation of a rule requiring 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave, but chairperson (and former state representative) Barbara Sykes has refused. She says that businesses have already had enough time to comment. The rule has already been rewritten so that the leave is not mandatory unless approved by the woman's doctor, which pleased businesses but disappointed policy advocates. The Ohio rule would apply to a range of businesses not covered by a similar federal rule.

Callahan on Dismissal of Foreclosures by Federal Judges - In a terrific post, Cleveland blogger Bill Callahan uses a particular boarded-up home to explain the real significance of recent rulings by U.S. District Judges Boyko and O'Malley that dismissed foreclosure proceedings for failure to document ownership of the loans when the cases were filed. An eye-opening, highly informative post.


Thanks for the info on Bill Callahan's post. I used to think property law was dull!

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