News and Notes: Ohio

What's the latest from the third largest wine producing state (after California and New York), much of it quite drinkable:

CQ Politics on Competitive House Races In Ohio - A feature on Midwest races rates OH-15 and OH-16 as "no clear favorite," OH-18 as "leans Democratic," OH-01 and OH-02 as "leans Republican," and OH-14 as "Republican Favored."

Quick OH-05 Update - I went to a no-press fund-raiser for Robin Weirauch (D-Napoleon) in Shaker Heights last night. I promised not to blog about the event so I will just say that Robin presented herself very well and the attendees were impressed and enthusiastic. Howie Klein talked up her campaign on DownWithTyranny! last week here. Today the Toledo Blade has a story contrasting the supply-side economic theory of State Rep. Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) with Weirauch's populist fair trade, lower-gas-prices stance.

Strickland to Delay Medicaid Change That Would Restrict Specialized Service - The controversial change to Medicaid billing rules that parents fear will deprive many children with autism of specialized services has been put off to at least April 1st.

Election Recounts - In Franklin County, five local races are headed for official recounts. In Cuyahoga County, 20% of paper printouts in local race recounts were illegible, requiring reprinting of the records from magnetic memory cards. And by the way, the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections still doesn't know why its software crashed during election night vote counting.

Mortgage Industry May Cooperate With Mayors on Foreclosure Crisis - This story in the Akron Beacon Journal indicates that following the recent national conference of mayors the Mortgage Industry Association agreed to help cities with raising public awareness and obtaining certain records. Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman has some thoughts on the mayors and the mortgage industry here.

Peter Kirsanow Reappointed to Civil Rights Commission - Stephen Koff of the Plain Dealer reports here that Bush has reappointed the conservative black Cleveland attorney to the U.S. civil rights panel. Kirsanaw "opposes racial-preference programs, supports school choice and says that Ronald Reagan should be on Mount Rushmore." He also testified in favor of John Roberts and Samuel Alito as Supreme Court nominees. Another fox-in-the-hen-house appointment from Mr. 28%. Yes, I'd have to agree that this move is "likely to set off complaints from liberals."

Not Fun - Just for the record, I do not share in the glee reflected in this and this. I did not want to have to ban a user from this blog. However, after a few weeks of one person dominating the comments with long and frequently abusive rants, I reluctantly concluded that it was necessary. It was my decision alone. As for the individual in question, he must get his own blog. That is the only fair and practical resolution.

Shaker Heights Fundraiser

I find this Shaker Heights fundraiser very interesting and encouraging. Perhaps this is part of the Lee Fisher support?

There is another fundraiser I received notice on through my email tonight, this one hosted by Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, 6:00 PM @ the American Maritime Officers Building in Downtown Toledo. I'm not sure if this is a press event. Lets just hope Robin can stay financially competitive in this very interesting race.

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