Newsflash Josh Mandel: the vast majority of welders don't make anywhere near $150,000

Good gravy Josh Mandel will never stop lying. He has been tweeting out lately that welders make $150,000/yr. It seems to be in-line with the Republican idea of filling people's heads with false dreams and promises. Seriously, has Josh Mandel bothered to look at any job listings for welders? Well, for his edification here are a few...

"We are looking for a skilled welder to join our team. We are located in the Cleveland area and are looking for welders to join our team and advance their skills while helping our company grow. We are one of the top rated manufacturing companies in the area and constantly promote from within. Below are the requirements for the welding position. If you fit the welding qualifications and are interested please submit your resume below.

Base Pay $14.00 - $18.00 /Hour"

That's a little less than what Josh Mandel stated.

"Fitters and Welders - $13.25 up to $18 per hour (DOE)
Employ Ease - Mentor, OH
We are seeking Mig/Tig Welders & Fitters
Must have at least 2-3 years production,
must be able to read blueprints. Must have
experience with Mig/Tig welding and/or Fitting.
Position is available for all shifts with potential OT,
Pay rate will be based on experience. Our openings on 1st and 2nd shifts.
Fitters will make a higher pay rate.
Position is temp to possible permanent positions.
Must have 2-3 years stable recent welding experience,
clean background and be able to pass drug test."

That's not $150,000/yr.

"Nesco Resource is seeking experienced welders for the North West side of Columbus.
Must be able to read Blueprints, use Vernier calipers and micrometers.
Welding training/education required
MIG/TIG a must
Experience with stainless and aluminum a plus
Must be able to analyze and interpret weld symbols
Strong attention to detail
Team player

Salary: $ 13.00 - $ 16.00"

Missed again.

I'm not putting down the profession of welding in any way. It's a good way to earn a decent living. But I am sick and tired of are people like Josh Mandel who create these out-of-touch realities to pander for votes. I'm sure there's a way you can trick the numbers to show how someone could maybe make $150,000/yr, but that is not reality for the vast majority of people in welding. In reality Josh Mandel is nothing more than some scumbag who tells people they can make millions by flipping property. I mean you can buy many of the properties with no money down!

Fuck you, Josh Mandel. And fuck anyone who would repeat his false gibberish.

Source for job advertisements:

How did I miss THIS story?

I'll tell you who's overpaid — Ohio's state treasurer.

You could actually have stopped at the first sentence. No, he won't stop lying. It seems to be virtually his only skill.

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