Nina Turner to Make "Special Announcement" in Dayton & Toledo


Because she's so meek and self-effacing (HA!), state senator Nina Turner will be traveling around the state early next week making her mysterious "special announcement." See banner above, which was created by Nina herself, hint hint.

She'll be starting Monday morning at 9am at the Harvard Community Services Center in Cleveland, as we mentioned previously.

Then she'll hop in her car and head for Toledo, where she'll repeat her "special announcement" at 12:30 pm at Teamsters Local 20 at 435 S. Hawley Street.

The following day, Tuesday July 2, she'll be heading down to Dayton to make the same (presumably) announcement ay 9am at the Northwest Recreation Center where she'll be joined by former Dayton mayor Rhine McLin, state rep. Fred Strayhorn, and former Montgomery County board of elections member Tom Ritchie. (If you go, please ask them what they are going to do about Montgomery County's dismal election turnout, and also why idiots down there keep voting for Mike "Who?" Turner).

More info here:

Look. All joking about her transparent ambitions aside, we really need to elect her secretary of state. Currently Jon Husted is trying to gin up phony "voter fraud" cases against voters who followed the law, attacking innocent citizens to try to make him look like some kind of elections warrior, preventing people from gaming the system — never mind that they weren't doing so. This is outrageous.

But the Supreme Court's decision this week weakening the Voting Rights Act means we can no longer afford Republican secretaries of state if we want to have any hopes of free, fair elections in the future.

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