NIna Turner in Shaker Heights Tonight


State Senator Nina Turner spoke to a full house tonight at the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Community Center in Shaker Heights.

The centerpiece of her presentation was her Voter Protection Act, which would eliminate barriers that make voting more difficult for some voters than for others. It includes makes registering more accessible, guaranteeing a certain number of early voting hours, increasing the number of early voting centers in larger counties, making universal mailing of absentee ballot applications permanent, and clarifying provisional voting regulations.

House minority leader Armond Budish was in the house so Turner called him up front to join her in talking about the governor's budget, which she called "troubling" and he called "not good." They talked about the short shrift it gives to schools and local governments and how, while he brags that it didn't cut anything, it fails to restore the hurtful cuts he made in the last budget.

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They also talked about redistricting. Budish said, "Nothing is more important than redistricting in my opinion." They discussed the potential methods of accomplishing this, either legislatively or possibly through the commission meeting to revise the state constitution.

Also on the agenda: the 2014 elections. Budish urged activists to work hard to elect candidates who "step forward." Here Turner took a dramatic step forward; it's an open secret she's angling to run for secretary of state to replace Jon Husted, whom she referred to as the "secretary of suppression," and excoriated for using tax money to take his attempt to limit early voting all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, which declined his appeal. She even concluded with a request for money and a mention of her website, appearing to be in full campaign mode.


* "Really, Jon Husted? You may be in for a rude awakening!" *

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