Nina Turner Sounds Ready to Run, Drawing Attention to GOP Election-Rigging Scheme

For Secretary of State, that is.

Today she sent out a fundraising email for the Ohio Democratic Party that sounded all the themes Democrats need to bring to the campaign to take the secretary of state office away from Jon Husted next year.

She writes,


President Obama has just barely been sworn in for his 2nd term, and Republicans are already scheming changes to state laws to steal the election in 2016. And this latest conservative plot has an Ohio tie; former Secretary of State Ken Blackwell is pushing it nationally.

After losing big in 2012, Republicans have now hatched a plan that would award presidential Electoral College votes by congressional district. If their plan had been in place last year, today Mitt Romney would be President.

We need your help now to ensure the Republican plan to rig the next Presidential Election doesn't get off the ground. Commit $8 to the Ohio Democratic Party’s Election Watch Fund to ensure we protect fair elections.

You know how they gerrymandered the Congressional maps in Ohio and across the country? It allowed them to seize the majority in the U.S. House, even though Democrats won the popular vote. Now, they want to do the same thing to the presidency by tying the Electoral College votes to their rigged congressional maps. This is a direct assault on our democratic process.

And the scariest part, current Secretary of State Husted is already on record talking about how this plan to game the Electoral College could make “all of our elections problems go away.” Husted is dead wrong and he knows this is just a plan to hijack democracy.

You remember 2004: long lines, faulty voting machines, confusion, controversy --and Bush won Ohio because our voters were delayed or turned away. We have to keep Ken Blackwell and his understudy Jon Husted as far away from Ohio’s elections as possible, so please give $8 or more. Thank you for all that you do.

Yours in the fight,

Nina Turner
State Senator

"Ken Blackwell and his understudy Jon Husted." I really like that. But I am not sure who is the "understudy" here. Both are close to the top of the list of worst secretaries of state, individuals for whom partisan advantage is all and rights of voters disposable.

Whether or not Nina announces soon, I'm glad that the Ohio Democratic Party, with Nina as a mouthpiece, is shining a light on this nefarious scheme. Husted rushed to back off from ownership of this idea back in November when his mention of it at a forum got public attention. Attention, and lots of it, is our best weapon in this fight.

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