No more rubber chicken!

Sadly, I didn't get to attend Rep. Peter Ujvagi's wonderful Chicken Paprikash Dinner in Toledo last night. For years, it's been a GREAT event.

But tonight the Bowling Green Democrats once again showed everyone how to do a fund raising chicken dinner the RIGHT way. It was their annual Election Eve "No Excuses" Chicken Dinner. It's called "No Excuses" because you don't have to sit through any speeches, you don't have to stuff any envelopes and since it's hosted by Sam B's Restaurant in downtown BG, the food is GREAT. It's their chicken dinner special with all the trimmings.

Beyond that, you can eat in, carryout or even get a gift certificate good through the end of the year. Such a deal. Here are our genial hosts, Dinah Vincent and former BG councilwoman Sandy Wicks. (Sandy's shirt reads "You can lead a Republican to knowledge, but ya can't make 'em think!"

As always, the turnout was great (despite the truly LOUSY weather) Here's Sandy with our next congressional representative, Robin Weirauch who has her new campaign HQ across the street at 116 S. Main.

And finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention BGSU professor emeritus (and former Fifth District congressional candidate) Dr. Roger Anderson who attended with his lovely wife Betty Jean. Genuine wonderful folks.

As they say, a great time was had by all.

Peter's event was a great one...

I went to Peter Ujvagi's event last night, Robin Weirauch was there last night along with quite a few elected officials, candidates and Dem's from NWO.

Marc Dann was the main speaker and I think Peter is very correct that no one leaves hungry.


Indeed it is

Several of the folks tonight said it was great. The first time that I went was a lonnnnng time ago and the food was still prepared by the ladies from the church. It was great then and is still very good now. And, you're right, it is inexcusable to go away hungry.

But it is Peter (along with his family) that really makes it special. I will never forget a few years ago when he described his family's first trip (as a group) back to Hungary.

He had this old Scots-Irishman crying like a baby.


I'm a huge fan of Peter and his family, my mother's side of the family has a similar background and lived in both the Birmingham and Lagrange district so I've seen first hand the importance of what Peter and his family have given to the residents of that area and the rest of the State.


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