North Baltimore City Council: Congratulations, Gary Bretz (D)!

Big races get the big attention, but the foundation of politics is local races. Last night in the 5th Ohio Congressional District I had the pleasure of meeting Gary Bretz (D-North Baltimore), pictured at right with cousin and 6th Ohio House District candidate Jeff Bretz (D-North Baltimore)(in the hat). Gary has never held public office before, but he prevailed in his campaign for a seat on the city council of North Baltimore, Ohio. Congratulations, Gary!

Wood County had a lot of victories like that!

Terry Dunn retained his at-large council seat despite the heavy Republican turnout to save native son Bob Latta.

In Republican-dominated Perrysburg, there were seven candidates for council, and the two Democrats running were the top two finishers. The Democratic municipal court judge won with 70+% of the vote.

And one of my favorite is that the local party endorsed a high school student, Nathan Eikost, who turned 18 just the day or so before Halloweeen, for his local school board. He got elected, making him certainly one of the youngest members of a school board ever.

It was a good night for Wood County Democrats, as it appears to have been for other county parties across the state!

Thanks for this info

Great news about Dunn, and what a terrific story about the school board member!

Congratulations on a great election for Wood County Democrats.


I believe that you are 100% correct. You need a good, solid foundation to build a house on, and we Democrats need a solid foundation to build on. When we are able to get Dems elected to Township Trustee or Village Council seats, the more it helps the next level and the next level, just like building a house, or should I say House!
Thanks for the congratulations!

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