NRA — Paper Tiger?

It's long been an article of faith in politics that you don't want to get the National "Rifle" Association — the lobbying group for gun manufacturers and dealers — riled up agains you. Their power to influence an election has been taken for granted. When a Democrat like Ted Strickland gets their endorsement, it's considered a huge plus.

The group has long since ceased to be a real voice for gun OWNERS. And its constantly more extreme standards — that anybody should be able to own any gun and take it anywhere without any checks or permits or anything — have provoked backlash in groups like Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

And me. I never cared much about this issue. I was surprised to see how much passion there was on the sane gun control side when I went to a forum back in 2005 with the two candidates then running for Ohio governor on the Democratic side, Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman and Ted Strickland. It was at a suburban Cleveland synagogue, and Strickland was grilled repeatedly about his NRA-friendly stances. It was clear Coleman was the favorite.

More and more, I think it's well past time to take their guns away, just as they fear.

And it's also time for politicians to stop tiptoeing around the issue of sane gun control and backing down when the voices on the right bellow that it's wrong to "politicize" a shooting tragedy by talking about it, when in fact there's no better time.

It's time for politicians and everyone else to look at this:

I posted this link a few weeks ago when I talked about how successful the pro-choice groups had been in electing the officials they backed in November. Planned Parenthood had one of the highest success rates.

And the NRA had one of the lowest. One of its PACs had a less than 11% success rate; another had an even more feeble 1% success rate, spending $11 million, almost all on losing candidates.

So why are politicians even listening to them? It's clear it's purely ideological, just like all their woman-hating legislation, their anti-labor bills to destroy the livelihoods of ordinary working people, their attacks on the social safety net which provides us with a decent, civilized society, their shredding of education and with it the country's future.

But maybe it's time that Democrats STOP paying attention to them, just like it's long past time that the Democratic Party can be a 'big tent" that allows in anti-choice zealots who want to reduce women to chattel.

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