OH-05 CTG strikes a blow-- for "liberals."

From the Secretary of State, with 94.34% of the precincts reporting:

42.79% (29,447) Latta (R)
40.61% (27,951) Buehrer (R)

The Putnum County results are still not included.

I had a feeling that SOMETHING would happen to throw this contest into litigation. Yesterday afternoon, a veteran politico predicted that the result would be very close and that whoever finished first and second will do it all over again in the GOP primary next spring.

On the Democratic side, Robin Weirauch (D) leading George Mays (D) by 72.18% (30,106) to 27.82% (11,605)

Good news: Individually Robin got more votes than the top GOP candidate. Bad news: The total number of GOP voters clobbered the total number of Democratic voters.

What will GOP supporters of the losing candidates do? Imagine the "whiplash" those voters will experience when the Republican Party tries to preach "unity." The race was more than bitter enough so that most of them will stay home next month.

Way to go CTG-- This might be the Pyrrhic victory of all time. As the internecine bloodletting on the GOP side goes on, Robin could win this seat, despite the disparity in total votes. So much for the Reagan "11th Commandment."

It's incredible that Buehrer and the CTG have found a way for the GOP to lose this gerrymandered seat. "Latta is a liberal" could wind up giving the victory to an actual liberal (which apparently has been OK with the CTG all along.) Live by mudslinging and slander, die by it, too.


The filing deadline for the 2008 Primary is January 4, 2008 and we'll have to go through this all over again.

Buehrer Will Not Run

Zero chance Steve Buehrer will run vs. Latta in the March congressional primary. He will go back to the Senate and do his thing there, while Latta will beat Weirauch by 15% or more on Dec. 11 and again next November. OH-5 will not be very eventful for the next 12 months.

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