OH-05: Field Report

Another nice field report from blogger/volunteer lpackard on DailyKos today -- if you are reading this around now (about 1:00 pm on Sunday) go over there and recommend it!

The photo shows Robin Weirauch (D-Napoleon) personally working the phone bank at campaign headquarters, where people are having "a ridiculous amount of fun." Lots of cookies.

If you can't get out to Bowling Green, you can help with phone-banking from home -- email phonebank4robin@gmail.com to get started.

Also, get involved in the campaign by joining Robin's groups at Facebook and My Space!

I just checked ActBlue and Robin has received $90,066 from 1208 contributors. Wow. Over at the rightwing equivalent, SlateCard.com, Bob Latta has received $1,808 from 20 contributors. Poor Bob! Lots of money from fat cats, but not much grass roots love.

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