OH-05: Weirauch (D) Airs First TV Ad

The campaign of Robin Weirauch (D-Napoleon) has its first television ad on the air, a nice 30-second biographical introduction:

The campaign is calling on supporters to donate up to $200 to help keep this ad on the air. Click here and make a quick donation today, in whatever amount you can manage!


I am sure there are many people like myself who would like to support Robin, but don't know where she stands on the issues. Her website has very little useful information. My sense is that she takes progressives stances on most of the issues I care about, but I'm not sure. Here is what I would like to see her address on the website:

* Will she vote against any trade deal that does not include consumer protection, environmental protection, and labor rights?

* Will she cut off funds for the Iraq occupation?

* Will she support Medicare for all?

* Will she support a carbon tax to cut greenhouse emissions?

* Will she support a renewable energy requirement for electricity production?

* Will she cut off subsidies for oil, gas, coal, and nuclear energy companies?

* Will she support reproductive rights?

* Will she work for Clean Money elections?

* Will she support basic gun control (on handguns and assault weapons)?

* Will she oppose further development of nuclear weapons?

* Will she cut the military budget and work towards a foreign policy based on human rights, cooperation with our allies, and negotiations with our adversaries?

* Will she ensure that the Bush administration is investigated thoroughly and those who have committed crimes go to jail?

My guess is that you will

My guess is that you will not see her publish her positions on most of these issues, as they are completely out of touch with the 5th Congresisonal District...

All I hear is

All I hear is silence...waiting for positions on the issues...


cricket...cricket...cricket, cricket...cricket...cricket, cricket...cricket...just like a quiet summer night.

Certainly, someone on this site can give some insight on Robin's positions.

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