OH House-94: Stewart (D) to Face Johnston (R) and Balderson (R)

Jennifer Stewart (D-Zanesville), a member and vice president of the Ohio State Board of Education (9th District), has filed to run for the 94th Ohio House District seat that is being vacated by term-limited Rep. Jim Aslanides (R-Coshocton). The district includes all of Coshocton County and much of Muskingum County. Aslanides won re-election in 2006 over Aaron Phillips (D-Zanesville) with 53.29% of the vote.

A news story in the Zanesville Times Recorder profiled the candidate:

[A] former Zanesville City Schools teacher, [Stewart] is also past president of the Zanesville City Board of Education, former chair of the local Goodwill organization and past president of the Mid-East Ohio Vocational School Board. In 2004, she was named the Ohio Association for Career and Technical Education's Person of the Year.

"As a full-time legislator, I will work hard to improve the conditions that will promote job creation and enhance the quality of life for our citizens," Stewart said. "My goals are to strengthen educational opportunities, workforce training, health care, home ownership and property values so we can build a strong economic base for our region."

The Zanesville High School graduate earned her bachelor's degree from Muskingum College and a master's degree from The Ohio State University. Jennifer and her husband of 36 years, Bill Stewart, have five children, Brian, Amy, Allison, Jessica and David.

Stewart was a candidate in the 18th Congressional District Primary Election in May, 2006, placing second behind eventual general election winner Zack Space (D-Dover): Zack Space 39%, Jennifer Stewart 26%, Chillicothe Mayor Joe Sulzer 24%, frequent candidate Ralph Applegate 12%.

Two Republicans have filed in this district, evangelical conservative activist Dr. Patrick Johnston (R-Zanesville) and small businessman Troy Balderson (R-Muskingum County).

Dr. Johnston wrote this entry in a newspaper chat forum:

Wacko... Homophobe... Quack doctor... Fascist... Bucktooth... I've heard it all before from those who would rather call cruel names than deal with issues. I've publicized my views and can defend them, and am convinced they resonate with voters.

I'm against preventing Christian pastors from praying in Jesus' name in the Ohio statehouse (as is present policy).
I'm against the taxpayer-funded teaching of atheistic theories of the origin of life in public schools and "safe sex" curriculum that calls sin "safe".
I believe homosexuality is a choice and is a sin.
I believe that the God of the Bible is the one true God and that the Bible is the standard for all government - personal, family, church and state.
I believe that the state exists to secure our God-given rights, not to be the chief violator of them through coercive taxation and increasing unconstitutional spending.

Dr. Johnston also wrote this diatribe against George W. Bush, denouncing him as a liberal who is not sufficiently pro-life, and this screed denouncing democracy and terrorism as two faces of the same evil ("The United States of America is not and should not be a democracy ...
Our government was designed to primarily be a rule by law that is based upon Divine Law, not a rule by men").

Troy Balderson was profiled in the Zanesville Times Recorder:

Troy Balderson, a 45-year-old small businessman from Muskingum County, announced today his intentions to seek the Republican nomination for the 94th District Seat of the Ohio House of Representatives.

Balderson was born in Zanesville and is a life long resident of Muskingum County. He has spent the past 23 years working for his family business, Balderson Motor Sales. He feels this experience will guide him well should he reach the Ohio House.

"Our region is feeling the economic pains more severely than other parts of the United States” Balderson said.

Balderson graduated from Zanesville High School in 1980 and attended Muskingum College and The Ohio State University. Throughout his youth, he spent most of his free time on the family farm in Salem Township. The Balderson family has owned a farm in Muskingum County since 1910 and their small business has been operating in Muskingum County for over 71 years. Troy is the third generation to be running Balderson Motor Sales.

Troy and his wife Angela have a 20-year-old son Joshua and have been married for 22 years. Troy is very active at The First Christian Church in Zanesville, having served as an Elder. In his spare time, Troy likes the outdoors and he especially enjoys cross country riding on bicycles and motor bikes.

Troy Balderson

What a joke where is merits play, since taking control of Balderson Motor Sales the company has down sized 2 fold,all do to Troy Mis-managed. Give me a break.

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