Ohio GOP Clown Car Elects "Leadership"

I know there are some in the Democrat party who grumble about Ohio Democratic Party chairman Chris Redfern. They think he's too brash or not progressive enough or he's played favorites. Yes, but has he ever helped rig a presidential election or solicited bribes? No evidence that he has. On the other hand ...


The Ohio Republican Party just unanimously reelected Bob "The Thug" Bennett as its chairman. As you may recall, Bennett, a former chair, was called out of retirement to replace Kevin DeWine, who was basically shoved overboard by Governor John Kasich in a series of contentious maneuvers that even had the FBI called in. DeWine, understandably, quit in disgust, since it was he who helmed the party when it swept all statewide offices in 2010.

In case you can't place Bennett, in 2004, while chairman of the ORP, he was also chairman of the board of elections of Cuyahoga County, the state's largest bloc of Democratic votes. As chairman, he was ultimately responsible for the poorly run, poorly equipped polling places in Cleveland that had lines up to four and five hours long, likely preventing many inner-city residents from voting at all. Nice work, Bob.

But Bennett doesn't intend to stay.

Bennett said he will remain chairman only until a process to name his successor is put in place and the 66-member committee, the party’s governing body, names a new chairman. ... He said he wants to ensure that a new chairman is seated well before next year’s statewide election when Gov. John Kasich and four other GOP statewide executive officeholders are on the ballot for second terms.

Expressing interest in the post is the party's executive director Matthew Borges. This Matthew Borges:

In 2004, Borges, a political consultant and former chief of staff to then-state Treasurer Joseph T. Deters, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges connected to a bribery investigation.Borges was fined $1,000 after admitting that he funneled contributions to Deters’ campaign from donors seeking to do business with the treasurer’s office.

Since according to this Dispatch article, Borges later said he was the target of a "witchhunt" by former Cuyahoga County prosecutor Bill Mason, it's unclear why he ADMITTED he did it.

Bennett says things are hunky-dory with the Ohio GOP though:

Bennett said the party has moved beyond the divisive power struggle of last year and enters 2013 united.

“The party has settled down,” he said. “Right now there are no disagreements in the party. Everyone is on the same page.”

I can hardly wait to see the BFF Republican candidates on the campaign trail with Kasich wrapping a friendly arm around Jon Husted's shoulders. Uh oh ... why is wrapping his fingers around Husted's neck now ... ?

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