Ohio Marriage Equality Movement Picks Up Supporters

While established LGBT groups focus on what they see as "sure thing" states, pushing Ohio to the back of the line, marriage equality advocates in Ohio — organized as FreedomOhio — are pushing onward, working to gather the signatures to get the issue on the state ballot.

FreedomOhio has picked up some significant support in the last few weeks. Yesterday it announced that Greg Shultz, who was the Ohio director for the Obama campaign — which you will recall was successful — has joined its board of directors.

“Every adult should be permitted to marry the one he or she loves. As a member of the FreedomOhio Executive Committee, I look forward to collaborating with LGBT, Civil Rights, faith and business leaders to ensure we pass this vital Freedom to Marry and Religious Freedom Amendment,” Schultz said.


And last Friday, FreedomOhio sent this out:


COLUMBUS – Ian James, FreedomOhio co-founder, thanked the Ohio Democratic Party and its Chairman Chris Redfern for endorsing FreedomOhio's Freedom To Marry and Religious Freedom amendment Saturday.

“We cannot thank Chairman Redfern enough for his leadership and the Ohio Democratic Party family for their support for the Freedom To Marry and Religious Freedom amendment,” James said.

“With more than 2.14 million self identified Democrats in Ohio, and last month’s electoral wins at our backs for marriage equality, the Democratic Part's endorsement demonstrates the growing support for marriage equality,” James said.

“This is a civil rights, religious freedom and family security issue that more and more Ohioans are coming to understand and support,” James said. “We have tremendous momentum going into 2013 and our volunteers will continue to collect signatures for our petition so we can decide by June to move forward with putting the amendment before voters in November.”

Think the Ohio Republican Party will be following suit? Ha!

Freedom Ohio has also received endorsements from the Montgomery County (Dayton) Democratic Party, the Communications Workers of America Local 4501 (Columbus), national group the American Military Partner Association, and the Center for Black Equity, an international group.

Read more here: https://freedomohio.com/press/

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