Ohio Responses to Tonight’s Debate


I didn’t watch the debate tonight. I already had my mind made up — surprise — so I voted tonight. I sat down and opened my ballot, and my first vote was in the U.S. Senate race. Guess who I did NOT vote for. I hope all of you will also NOT vote for Josh “The Empty Suit” Mandel (I hear his debate performance yesterday at the City Club of Cleveland wasn’t exactly stellar either. I have not had a chance to listen to that either, but it’s kind of inconceivable that he suddenly had a bunch of clearly articulated positions on issues he was willing to share).

Obviously, Democrats were a lot happier with President Obama’s on-the-money performance tonight, based on the instant-feedback emails that hit my mail box.

Ohio Democratic Party chairman Chris Redfern said,

Barack Obama showed up tonight – and he showed up big.

Point after point after point, President Obama dominated the debate and laid out the case for how he’s looking out for Ohio by protecting our auto industry, cracking down on China’s unfair trade policies, and supporting affordable education for students.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney was immature, interrupting the moderator, struggling on substance, lying, and shouting down the President.

(Then he asked for money)

The campaign of Sharen Neuhardt, who is running against Congressman Mike “Who?” Turner in Ohio’s new 10th district, issued this statement,

Tonight, voters again saw the stark choice they face this November. The extreme, harmful policies on display from Gov. Romney are the very same supported by his local spokesman, Mike Turner. Like Romney, Turner has stood up for policies that send our jobs overseas. Both men have opposed women’s access to healthcare and legislation that would eliminate the pay gap. The Turner-Romney agenda would end Medicare as we know it and increase health care costs for seniors. These are the wrong polices for the Miami Valley. 10th District voters are ready for a change. They’re ready for a leader like Sharen Neuhardt, who will stand up for the middle class and never put partisan politics ahead of our community.”