Ohio Voting Rights Decree Extended to 2106

Over the protests of Ohio Secretary of Voter Suppr ... I mean STATE ... Jon Husted who says it wasn't necessary because of course he is doing everything in his power to help people vote easily, Judge Algenon Marbley extended at 2010 court order on voter ID and provisional ballot voting that was set to expire this year through 2016.


It allows provisional ballots to be counted if the voter provides the last four digits of his or her Social Security number. This is important to help homeless people vote — not that we'd want them to, right Mr. Husted?

It also expanded the definition of what is acceptable I.D. We know Husted doesn't like that because he's on record expressing a desire for Ohio's voter ID regulations to be more "onerous." Never mind that there has not been one single case of voter fraud that could have been prevented with more "onerous" I.D. rules.


Secretary of State Jon Husted said there was no evidence that a single Ohioan would be denied the right to vote if the order expired. Husted’s attorneys argued that the decree wasn’t necessary, and Husted was committed to following the rules it sets out.

Oh yeah, he'll just do the right thing on his own. And I have a solid gold cat turd I'd like to sell you.

Husted's spokesperson said he "hasn't determined" whether he is going to squander more tax money appealing something he says he would do anyway out of the goodness of his heart.

To his credit,

Marbley noted that secretaries of state change frequently, and there’s no guarantee a Husted successor would make the same commitment.

“A citizen’s right to vote, however, cannot be at the mercy of the shifting legal interpretations of a single state officer, no matter how well intentioned he or she is,” he wrote.

Preferably "she." As in Nina Turner.


Nina is a GENUINE advocate for voter rights, no matter the voter's age, gender, race, socio-economic status, party affiliation, or where they live.

It's time to step up. Voter rights are the beginning of taking control of our government and making it better represent us. Nina will protect those rights. If you have the money, it's time to start donating. If you don't, it's time to volunteer.

Help take our elections back.


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