Ohio's "Jobs" Governor Strikes Again!

Governor Kasich's "laser focus" on jobs continues to reap dividends — for his pals in private companies sucking up Ohio tax dollars, that is.

For job seekers, not so much.

This week, the Columbus Dispatch informed us "Bob Evans to close two Ohio plants next year."


Bob Evans Farms said today that it will close two food production plants in Ohio in late summer 2013, part of a restructuring plan that the food and restaurant company says will affect 110 employees.

Don't you just love the use of the word "affect"? Although the Dispatch adds, "The company said it will place as many employees as possible in other jobs within the company by the time the plants close," it doesn't say where those jobs are — presumably not Ohio, which means it may be impossible for most of those workers to uproot their families, sell their homes and move.

And in case your memory doesn't go back to March of 2011, let me refresh it with a link to another Dispatch story about the SAME Bob Evans:


"Bob Evans Farms is moving headquarters out of Columbus to New Albany."

But not simply moving from one part of the Columbus area to another:

Bob Evans was offered an incentive package from the state that includes: a Research and Development Investment Loan of $3 million; a Ohio Job Creation Tax Credit of $2.4 million; a Research and Development Investment Tax Credit of $1.05 million; a Roadwork Development (629) Account (to the City of Columbus) for $750,000; a Rapid Outreach Grant for $250,000 and an Ohio Workforce Guarantee of $250,000, said Bethany McCorkle, development spokeswoman. A 166 Direct Loan was also awarded to CIC of Delaware for $4.1 million to redevelop the existing Columbus headquarters campus, 3700 S. High St., she said in an e-mail.

Your tax money at work, sending jobs out of state! At very least Bob Evans should have the decency to pay back the "Job Creation Tax Credit." Dream on.

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