Outlawing abortion will NOT end it


After reading more wacky comments about abortion from another conservative representative (Joe Walsh) I just have to write this. No matter what our society does, no matter how many laws we create, outlawing abortion will not end it. I don’t why some people can’t seem to understand this. As long as women get pregnant there will always be, for whatever reason, a percentage of women who will want to terminate theirs. We had to learn this the hard way as there were hundreds (probably into the thousands) of women and young girls who were seriously injured or died during a back ally abortions. Outlawing them won’t stop them.

And there is no reason not to keep abortion safe and legal. Trying to create a policy through theocracy is warped and perverse. It denies the reality of what we know about genetics. The idea that God is somehow sitting in heaven carefully crafting each person and then magically injecting them into a women’s body right around the time she orgasms is ridiculous.

Who made your eyes blue? Genetics. Why are you the height you are? Genetics. Why do you look like your parents? Genectics.

We know this. We’ve researched it. We’ve tested it. It’s as true as the sky is blue.

The other thing that the wacked out “Jesus was part dinosaur” people have never been able to explain to me, is that why if God is so pro-life, miscarriages exists. It just makes no sense if you believe their version of things.