Pepper's Announced. Who's Next?

*Why is Jeff Turner (center) holding that sign if his wife isn't SURE she wants to run?*

So who will our next official candidate be?

NIna Turner, why don't you stop pretending you're not really sure if you want to run for secretary of state? I mean, last night your husband said to me that of course you want to run for a higher office and "I don't really see anything else beside secretary of state, do you?" Oh, and he was holding one of your campaign signs, and I saw that young man who follows you around and passes them out for you was there too.

And your speech at the Cuyahoga Party Democratic dinner last night? It sounded like you're just about ready to chew Jon Husted's arm off to get the job — and good for you, because he's not good for US.

And Connie Pillich? Showing up at the dinner with your financial director in tow? And when someone called her by the wrong name, she goes "No, that's our scheduler — she's not here tonight." Financial director, scheduler already on board. Not a candidate? Not likely.

Today I hear from a Facebook friend that you called her today looking for donations. I guess that is as good as an announcement. She said you told her you need to raise $4 million which is outrageous, but understandable considering who your opponent in the treasurers race is. Yours is the noblest race of all, since you're running to take out Josh "The Empty Suit" Mandel, a wholly owned subsidiary of big special interests.

The best part of your not-officially-announced-yet race for treasurer? Mandel's only selling point is "I was a Marine." And you can respond, "I was in the Air Force." And that's pretty much the end of THAT discussion. Then The Empty Suit will have to come up with some actual accomplishments in his time in office. That's going to be hard.


*Connie Pillich (center, in red). Raising money, hiring staff, coming all the way to Cuyahoga County from southwestern Ohio on a Sunday night. Not officially running yet.*

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