President Obama Last Night in Cleveland


I'm too tired to write much, but the president's rally last night at Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland was magical. It was a perfect, balmy, summery night, and the crowd was so diverse and fired up. Air Force One sitting on the tarmac behind the event made a powerful statement.

President Obama summed up all the reasons he needs to stay in office. I was especially struck the inclusiveness of his pitch — how he views everybody as part of building a better country — in comparison to the Romney/Ryan pitch which is full of cues to dislike and/or reject some (or many) groups of people. The campaign boils down to "We're all in this together" or "We don't owe anyone anything; we only need to help ourselves." Talk about radically different visions of America! I don't want to see a regime of exclusion, bigotry and contempt in the White House.

Toward the end, President Obama said, "If you give me your vote, I promise you, you will continue to have a President who hears your voices." We may not always agree (I especially have some serious differences with the president on education), but it feels like there is someone in the White House who "gets" us. Romney doesn't get us. And frankly, I am beyond baffled that at a time when people from the Tea Party to the Occupy movement are supposedly furious at how Wall Street has robbed ordinary Americans blind, so many people can see the empty, coreless Romney, a perfect embodiment of Wall Street greed and privilege and contempt for working people, as a viable choice.

He's not. He would be a disaster. Sadly, if he were to become president, a lot of average Americans out there who voted for him would find out to their chagrin that it was really the guy whose skin color they didn't like who understood them and supported them. But they might never admit it, no matter what a debacle a Romney administration was.

Don't let's find out though. Let's all get out and vote, and get our friends and family to vote as well.




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