Proving Your Faith to the Gods of Austerity: Guest Post by Brian Davis

Proving Your Faith to the Gods of Austerity
Guest Post by Brian Davis

I cannot, for the life of me, understand how anyone can in good conscience vote against disaster relief while thousands suffer in the United States. How did our own Senator Rob Portman vote against Sandy Disaster Relief? We live in a state that can face devastation from tornadoes, floods, and drought, and the destruction is often so severe that it would bankrupt the traditionally austere state government. We will be at the federal trough asking for help in the near future, and we will need our federal delegation to push for swift help without unnecessary red tape.

There is no mention on the Portman websites or on his prolific twitter feed why he voted against assistance to rebuild roads and bridges in New York and New Jersey. Every day, we read stories about businesses still trying to recover or dads looking for jobs while sleeping in a motel with their families. Waiting over three months to approve the assistance to the 346,000 home owners who lost their houses was an insult, but then having so many vote against the recovery bill shows how extreme the Republican party has become. There are retirees who wonder if they will ever be back in their houses and others who are just giving up while Congress was pinching pennies. It is immoral that politics got between extending a hand up to those struggling with homelessness and the loss of income when their business was swept away.

I can only hope that people remember the 179 Republicans, including the 10 Ohio Congressman, who voted against repair of the New York transit system. The only Republican from Ohio who was bold enough to support this disaster assistance was Dayton area Congressman Michael Turner. Will Ohio voters remember this embarrassing vote in 2016 when Senator Portman has to face his next election? To vote against relief in the face of massive suffering can only be described as an act of faith toward the Gods of austerity.

*Brian Davis is a social justice advocate in Cleveland, Ohio. He is well known in the area for his work with the homeless population.*


Thanks for writing about this. I felt someone should and think it's a shame these people voted they way they did.

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