A Radical, Transformative Choice for Pope!

I found this article thanks to a link posted by Congressman Tim Ryan of Youngstown on Facebook.


Washington Post columnist EJ Dionne thinks the Catholic Church could ameliorate many of its problems by electing a woman pope, although he admits this is a pipe dream.

He says,

I hardly expect the cardinals to follow my advice on this. But I hope that they at least consider electing the kind of man who has the characteristics of my ideal female pontiff. The church needs a leader who has worked closely with the poor and the outcast, who understands that battling over doctrine is less important for the church’s future than modeling Christian behavior — and who sees that the proper Christian attitude toward the modern world is not fear but hope.

The needs of the poor and outcast have been concerned of Congressman Ryan, but that apparently doesn't sit well with at least one commenter on this thread, who said,

This is comedy gold. The person who since being elected to office has done everything opposite of his Catholic teachings, is giving advice on who should be pope. You always make me laugh Timmy.

If what Ryan has advocated for is the "opposite of Catholic teachings," it's probably contemporary Catholic teachings that need to be revised.

Dionne writes,

Last summer my 18-year-old daughter, Julia, worked at a Catholic-supported program for the homeless in Silver Spring. Like many women her age, Julia has a long list of problems with the church, but she loved the program and deeply admired everyone who worked there.

She came home one night and said: “Why doesn’t the church talk more about this work and less about the stuff it usually talks about?”

Last year, following a lengthy "investigation" of American nuns, the church announced that they were squandering too much time, resources and energy feeding hungry people, educating children, healing the sick, and housing the homeless and not enough time campaigning against gay marriage, abortion and the ordination of women. The nuns basically told the hierarchy that serving people in need took precedence over political campaigns on a tiny constellation of issues.

After the Vatican announced its conclusions, a group of nuns took their version on the road with the Nuns on the Bus tour, which came to Cleveland last July.

Standing in front of St. Augustine on West 14th Street in Tremont and across the street from the venerable St. Augustine Hunger Center, Sister Simone Campbell told those gathered that a federal budget should not be balanced on the backs of those struggling the most. She offered her own "Faithful Budget" as a counterpoint to the infamous "Ryan Budget." She believes that "Catholic teaching" requires that resources are not stripped from the poor to give still more to the wealthiest Americans.

Says Ryan,

My choice for Pope.... Sr. Simone Campbell

Dream on.

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