Read This And Bug Off, Doomsters


What is wrong with some of you people? I saw more of you online today, shredding every aspect of what our candidates and our party are doing here in Ohio, with the conclusion of course that Kasich has the election in the bag.

Hell NO he does not have the election in the bag.

This week the latest PPP poll showed Ed FitzGerald tied with Kasich.

A few weeks ago, the latest Quinnipiac poll showed Ed rapidly closing a gap they’d found last year.

In other words, this race is winnable — if you doomsters don’t lose it for us.

I hate to sound like a broken record but just quit with the fault-finding and the yearning for some flawless white-knight candidate to come riding up and save us all.

No, we don’t have a problem with our “message” and if you think we do, clean out your ears and pay attention.

Ed has honed in on what is a critical issue for MOST Ohioans: that our current officeholders in Columbus are only interested in policies that benefit the very wealthy and not in those that benefit ordinary working people. No amount of warm and fuzzy “my dad was a postman” ads are going to erase Kasich’s groveling to Las Vegas-based casino multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson and his offering Adelson that state of Ohio on a silver platter.


And we have to — for women, for working people, for teachers, for police and firefighters, to overburdened taxpayers being asked to shoulder the load so the rich don’t have to.

While you doomsters are moping, others are out knocking on doors. While you doomsters are posting on Facebook that Democrats never turn out in off years so why get our hopes up, others are out registering voters. While you doomsters are laughably insisting Kasich will skate to reelection, others are talking to their friends about what a disaster that would be.

And once again, I will remind you that Ed FitzGerald will not get big bucks from the likes of Adelson and the Koch Brothers because he's not interested in serving their interests. He has promised to serve ours. So we need to support him.

P.S. PPP also found Nina Turner leading Husted by a point, showing this one is also tied and winnable. Quit yer bellyachin'.

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