Republicans: they really are insane

So I was reading a article about Brenda Mack, person who is slated to be a Lt. Governor candidate running to primary John Kasich.

I ventured down into the comment section of the article mainly to see what the right-wing weirdos had to say about the race. While I didn't see a lot of comments at the beginning about the race, I was still treated to some very bizarre comments. Take this guy who goes by the moniker, Wherreismarciafudge1. Please notice the guy can't even spell "where" correctly. His comment...

"Oh, and I ask again, when will this paper publish a story regarding the fact that the Kenyan village idiot that is laughingly referred to as a President, release from prison the fat, stupid cow that represented the "blind sheik" when he was prosecuted for the 1996 World Trade Center bombing? You remember this gem. She used lawyer / client privilege to pass money and strategic information along to the sheik's terror group, thus endangering American Citizens. Tell me that this pile of dung does not have it in for this country. As for the cow, she lives in Brooklyn NY. Hopefully someone there will do their patriotic duty. God knows that the Kenyan village idiot won't."


This story is on Brenda Mack, and her past tax problems.

Seriously, how screwed up do you have to be to write something like that? It's almost a compulsion where he's so brainwashed he can't help it.

Further down in the article this person discloses that he ran for a seat on Cuyahoga County Council. Surprisingly he lost.

What's wrong this country? I read stuff like that and I just really don't know.


Yet another example of why reading the comments on is bad for you.

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