Richard Allen Schools – Dayton Charter School – Mismanagement of tax dollars

The Dayton Daily News recently reported on Richard Allen Schools a charter school system in Dayton that also has several offshoot organizations. The offshoot organizations were founded by Richard Allen’s President and CEO, Jeanette C. Harris, and appear to help the school skirt any real oversight or regulation. For example, the school’s sponsor, a non profit called Kids Count of Dayton was founded by Harris. Harris served as the vice president of the non profit until 2009.

The school appears to be mismanaging the tax dollars it receives. In 2009 it received $6.5 million from the state. Of that $6.5 million over $1 million went to its management. Additionally, in a recent audit, the state found $89,067 in misspent funds. And the school is operating in a deficit.

The Dayton Daily News reports:

”A Dayton Daily News examination found that of the $6.5 million in tax dollars Richard Allen Schools received in 2009, more than $1 million went toward management and consulting firms founded by Jeanette C. Harris, Richard Allen’s CEO and president.

State auditors announced in March they uncovered $89,067 in misspent funds and numerous bookkeeping omissions and irregularities, and a “deeper, special audit” of the system’s finances is now under way. The schools are currently operating with a $234,000 deficit, according to Harris.”

The entire article can be found here:

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