So Proud to Be From Cleveland Heights!

"Obama Won Every Precinct in Cleveland Heights"

That's right, baby — all 37 of 'em. He took 85% of the Cleveland Heights vote to Mitt Romney's 15%. I'll bet that's close to Obama's margin in Hyde Park, the neighborhood in Chicago he and my sister both live in.

In the early voting room at the Board of Elections, one of our heaviest voting precincts in the county was Cleveland Heights 5A. They were usually the first to finish a book of ballots and go on to the next. These people were early voting their asses off. How did that precinct do?

692 votes for President Obama, 53 for Mitt Romney. Ouch.

Among the other candidates, Stewart Alexander got 7 votes, Richard Duncan got 9, and racist/crazy person Virgil Goode got 18. Chances are most of those votes were mistakes and accidents. Probably more deliberate were the 121 votes for Libertarian Gary Johnson — I'm sure there are at least 100 disgruntled Paulies in Cleveland Heights — and the 79 votes for Jill Stein of the increasingly useless Green Party. There are probably that many "the two major parties are identical " purity progressives in Cleveland Heights too.

I've also learned

that the president carried every single one of Chicago's 50 wards. That's a lot of different types of neighborhoods.

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