So You Thought the War on Women Was on Hiatus?

Not anymore! Look what 18 depraved fools introduced this week in Congress:

They've dubbed this the "Sanctity of Human Life" bill (I can hear you groaning already). It's really "Personhood" — the most extreme anti-abortion proposal out there — in another guise. Never mind that a "Personhood" amendment was defeated in Mississippi (!!!!!) in a landslide in 2011. Never mind that Colorado voters have said "no dice" twice. These 18 congressional co-sponsors (all Republicans, of course) think massively huge, invasive government needs to be monitoring the reproductive cycles of every woman of childbearing age — what you'd have to do to even tell if an egg has been fertilized — to protect zygote "persons."

If even the voters in deeply conservative Mississippi rejected this, you know that the list of things wrong with it is very, very wrong. The problems with the idea that a fertilized egg enjoys all the rights of a born person start with the fact that your birthday would no longer be your functional "start" date. For record-keeping purposes, your conception date would be what everything from your school readiness age to your Social Security age would need to be counted by. And good luck figuring out when that is. The entire idea — even if it weren't invasive, cruel, and an attack on women's AND religious freedom (many faiths don't share the belief of extremist right-wing evangelicals that human life suddenly springs into being at conception) — is impractical.

And naturally, one of the sponsors is the vile Paul Ryan, a man so heartless you've got to think he's a sociopath. This is the Paul Ryan of the Ryan Budget, which a group of Roman Catholic nuns took to the road in a bus specifically to rebut on their Nuns on the Bus tour. Appalled that this budget tried to reduce the federal deficit through such means as cutting food assistance to children in poverty, the good sisters stood across the street from Cleveland's St. Augustine Hunger Center in July to offer their competing "Faithful Budget," which considered the needs of those Jesus called "the least of these."

Contrasting Ryan's budget with his so-called "Sanctity of Human Life" bill reveals the bottomless well of his cynicism and misogyny, and his lack of real concern with zygotes or any other form of human life that doesn't make large donations to his campaigns. That goes for his 17 co-sponsors as well, including the one woman, freshman congresswoman Martha Roby of Arkansas.

And yes, there's an Ohio wackjob in there too. Surprisingly, it's not ultra-rightwing grinch Jim Jordan but rather teabagger Bob Gibbs (Oh-07). Nice job getting the government off people's backs there, Gibbs. Now, seventh district voters, aren't you at least a little sorry you didn't elect the very capable Joyce Healy-Abrams, who right about now would most likely be working with her colleagues on issues like job creation and not b.s. like this?

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