Someone Please Explain Kucinuch Action PAC to Me

Remember Dennis Kucinich's announcement a few months ago that he was starting a PAC to support progressive candidates?

That seemed innocent and noble enough.

But nothing more was heard about this until less than two weeks ago, when he announced his group would be supporting three candidates who already have gotten massive attention from tons of progressive groups; Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren and Alan Grayson.

That was perplexing, that he would pick three such well-supported people so late in the campaign.

This email is even more perplexing:

I would like to ask your support for Joyce Beatty, who is running for Congress in the new Franklin County – based, 3rd Congressional District, in Ohio.

Joyce has been an Ohio State Representative, educator, healthcare administrator, and a business owner. She is a champion who will bring a new voice to Congress. She understands that good paying jobs are a top priority and is a long-time advocate for health care issues – who in her own words, “ ... will stand-up to anyone who attempts to cut funding to Medicare or Social Security.”

Please support Joyce Beatty for Congress –



Yes, Joyce IS a terrific candidate. And she is running in a district gerrymandered to be so Democratic she would have to do something really spectacular to lose — like disembowel babies on the lawn of the statehouse.

She's going to win. Period. I am mystified why, with slightly over a week (!!!!!) until the election, Kucinich Action is asking for support for a candidate who virtually cannot lose.

I guess the ways of Dennis Kucinich will continue to always be mysterious.

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