State Sen. Capri Cafaro Named Senate Minority Leader

The Senate Democratic Caucus has selected State Senator Capri Cafaro (D-Hubbard) to be the new Senate Minority Leader. I can only imagine that this is surely a thankless job since the Democrats are presently crushed in numbers by the Republicans.

A lot has been made of this, especially here, here, and here. Now I am originally from Youngstown and know the Cafaro name from my time there. Its kind of like living in Boston and knowing the name Kennedy. Anyways, originally I wasn't thrilled about this but upon review I have decided to throw my whole support behind Leader Cafaro and the Senate Democratic Caucus.

Its time that we start to make a serious play for the State Senate. The House Democrats, under the amazing leadership of (now) Speaker Armond Budish, have managed to take back the state house under what some people have described as impossible circumstances. Some districts that had been reliably Republican for years flipped in 2008, including (most likely - pending recount!) the 19th district, where Marian Harris defeated Franklin County Coroner Brad Lewis (disclosure - I managed Marian's campaign.) Were it not for the House Caucus' foresight we would again be in the minority. (Read More Below)

In 2010 we must look to recapture some seats in the State Senate regardless of who drew the boundaries. I think we must look to Leader Cafaro to make this a reality. There are many seats that can be won (the 3rd district for example, where 2 of the 3 state representatives are Democrats is one that springs to mind) and we must push hard to win. If that means not supporting candidates in marginal races in favor of others, then do it (for example, we are not going to win Republican Robert Schuler's seat in the 7th district - even if it is open.)

Leader Cafaro - we put our trust in you. We know you can bring the Senate Democrats back from the spectre they currently are to a viable organization. We may not win control, but we can at least come close to make it a fair fight.

As a post-script, Wikipedia informs me that Leader Cafaro's birthday is November 21st. Happy Birthday!

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