Supreme Court: Bill O'Neill Lands Akron Beacon Journal Endorsement + Fundraiser for Mike Skindell in Columbus

Our friend Bill O'Neill has been endorsed by the Akron Beacon-Journal in his run (his third) for the Ohio Supreme Court.

Although the paper praised sitting justice Robert Cupp for his "judicial restraint," and called him "prepared and thoughtful," it felt that O'Neill "makes a larger argument that deserves support."

It's referring to his campaign theme, "Money and Judges Don't Mix," which references the appearance of favoritism that results when judges accept sizable campaign donations from parties with cases before the court. It says, "Refreshing about O’Neill has been his persistence in pressing the argument for finding a better way to elect justices."

The Beacon editorial mentions contributions made by FirestEnergy and its employees to both Cupp and fellow justice Terrence ODonnell. It says, "The contributions are perfectly legal. FirstEnergy has cases before the Supreme Court. Nothing indicates Cupp (or O’Donnell) has shown favoritism."

Well, actually, something has, at least in the case of O'Donnell (whose opponent this year is state senator Mike Skindell of Lakewood).


Yes, it's baaaaack! This is that October 2006 article from the New York Times that I've frequently linked to, which figured that O'Donnell had decided in favor of campaign contributors 91% of the time. Sure, maybe there was no connection, but if I had a case in the state supreme court against someone who had made a donation to O'Donnell, I'd be discouraged about my chances.

Anyway, as the Beacon-Journal editorial mentions, the current lineup on the state supreme court is 6-1 Republican, hardly a balanced representation of Ohio interests.

That's one reason — in addition to their stellar qualifications — that we need to elect O'Neill and Skindell, and retain that "1," Yvette McGee Brown. Please tell your Democratic friends to write down their names, and vote down the ballot.

Links or more info or to help out:

While O'Neill doesn't take donations, there's a fundraiser at Dempsey's in Columbus from 5-7 p.m. Thursday, October 18, for Skindell, hosted by Greg Haas, chair of the Franklin County Democratic Party. There's no specific donation requested; anything will be appreciated. You can get more information or RSVP to Julie Keil at or 614-439-0157.

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