Tea Party "Patriots" Tearing Apart America — and Ohio

Has the word "patriot" ever been more misused than when it's connected to the words "Tea Party"? These ultra-extremists radiate their hatred of American when they project their hatred of every aspect of its government, because the entity of "America" is synonymous with its government. And if you believe that the country should have no functional government, you don't believe in the country — you're a traitor.

Here in Ohio, this crazy-ass hate group is "warning" the Republican leaders in Columbus to oppose one of the only pragmatic and functional things Governor Kasich has proposed in the last two years: expanding Medicaid.


Since it works to build a functioning society, they're against it. And as I mentioned last week, the Ohio Tea Party has found itself a mouthpiece in the person of Ohio's pretend treasurer, Josh 'The Empty Suit" Mandel, who will stand for anything, no matter how vile, if he sees potential personal advancement for himself in it.


Meanwhile, the Tea Party is going off the rails all over the country.

John McCain is attacked by hate-crazed Tea Party members at a meeting in Phoenix, when he floated some relatively severe but not totally horrific immigration regulations. Apparently, nothing short of lynching anyone who looks Mexican will do for some of these folks. It's actually not clear that this mob were formally Tea Partiers, but in Arizona, it's hard to tell. This is, after all, the state that keeps re-electing Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who thinks it's more important to send representatives to Hawaii to investigate the President's birth certificate than to protect the people of his county.


And finally, there's this — talk about eating their own!


Yes, the so-called Tea Party "Patriots" turned away from smearing the President long enough to send out an email picturing Karl Rove in a Nazi uniform. They've since apologized and said it was a "mistake." But let's face it. This isn't the kind of thing you do accidentally when you really meant to put President Obama's head there.

And there's this:

the Tea Party Patriots’ email lambastes “’Republicans’ like Rove” for calling “Tea Party members ‘racists’, ’bigots,’ ‘paranoid’ and even political ‘underbrush’” over “just that last few weeks.”

Even Karl Rove is right once in a while.

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