VoteVets on the Air Supporting Sherrod Brown, a political PAC that stumps for the interests of veterans, with an emphasis on the younger generation from the current wars, has gone on the air in Ohio with an ad but supporting Senator Sherrod Brown.

I know. You're saying "But Josh 'The Empty Suit' Mandel IS a veteran a veteran a VETERAN as he keeps telling us over and over and over in his ads. They're not supporting their fellow veteran?"

Well, no. Because unlikely Josh Mandel, is about supporting candidates and office holders who provide the services needed by the people who served their country, not someone who appears to support cutting them (it's hard to tell WHAT he supports because Mandel seldom gives a straight answer). Mandel sees military service as a personal badge of honor; Sherrod Brown sees it as something to be rewarded by giving veterans opportunities to build healthy, productive lives for themselves once they're out of the military.

Hence this ad. They're doing a $200,000 ad buy. It may be a drop in the bucket to the big billionaire-funded secret groups who have been attacking Brown on Mandel's behalf, but it's significant given the time frame.

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