Was Jim Renacci attempting to debate today or trying to win an Oscar?

Jim Renacci debated Betty Sutton at the City Club of Cleveland today. The two are running against one another to represent the newly drawn 16th congressional district of Ohio. The newly drawn district is an example of partisan gerrymandering at its worst. The district was drawn with a tiny loop to include Timken Company a large donor to Mr. Renacci. The topic came up when Betty Sutton detailed it, which people should know about.

Jim Renacci, in probably one of the worst responses I’ve seen in a debate, tried to act like he was also shocked and outraged at how the district was drawn. He then, pathetically, tried to absolve himself from being involved in the process by stating there is no direct connection between him and it. Like a kid who’s eaten the cookies before they could be caught with their hand in the cookie jar, Jim Renacci basically stated until there is proof I will denied it.

Well Mr. Renacci, there might not be any direct connection yet, but there are crumbs. And the crumbs point to the fact that you are probably lying. Here’s just one report on the subject from City Beat…

”Just a day before the approval of Ohio’s new district maps, Tom Whatman, a Boehner staffer, sent an email to Adam Kincaid, a staffer for the National Republican Congressional Committee, and others in charge of redistricting. In the back-and-forth, Whatman asks for a “small carve out” to include a manufacturing business in the congressional district for Rep. Jim Renacci, a Republican who has received support from the business in the past. Before 13 minutes had passed, Kincaid replied to Whatman, securing the change with no questions asked.”


The people of the 16th district deserve someone better than you Mr. Renacci. They deserve someone better than a liar, who puts on a ridiculous charade when they get caught, and simply won’t fess up to the truth when they should.

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