The Wave for Obama

I'm posting this Salon article because I'm a little tired of the panic on the Democratic side, induced by the media's insistence on producing a tied presidential race at all costs. This means focusing on the closest polls, like the one poll — from the University of Cincinnati — that showed the race tied in Ohio, a depressing outcome that would make you wonder about people's gullibility — if it were true. But a half dozen other polls in the last few days all showed President Obama with a lead. And around the country, that seems increasingly to be the story in the final days of the campaign. It's less about persuasion or changing the narrative now — although his compassionate response to Storm Sandy seems to have changed it in the president's favor — than about getting out of the vote.

With reliable polls in Ohio and Wisconsin Wednesday showing Obama with solid leads there, Romney has almost no path to victory on Tuesday. Polls today also showed him holding smaller leads in the swing states of Virginia, Florida and Nevada, and tied in North Carolina.

Get out that vote!

Of course, the Romney campaign and a few of its acolytes are blustering about their upcoming victory, which makes some Democrats I know pee their pants in fear. (I've even heard people panic over the fact that Romney calls his campaign offices "Victory Centers." It's image, people, not a prediction). And of course, the Obama campaign is also spinning hard, putting out figures on early voting that make the president look like he's sitting pretty. It's what campaigns DO.

So get out that vote!

THis Salon article talks about Obama touring New Jersey with Governor Chris Christie, one of the keynote speakers at this year's Republican convention (His speech was remarked upon for his failure to talk about Romney much at all), and Christie's praise for Obama's response. It also talks about Romney's desperate lies about auto industry jobs possibly leaving Ohio because of Obama, which GM and Chrysler have both debunked and newspapers across the country have slammed him for.

Says Salon,

The criticism by Christie, Chrysler and GM is a welcome sign that Republicans and corporate leaders may learn to cooperate with the president so many of their colleagues disrespect and deride. It also tells me something else: those three titans think Romney is likely to lose, and they don’t need to pay him any deference or worry about working with him in January.

So stop whimpering and sign up to help get out the vote.

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