The way the liberal media tipped the election in Obama’s favor

So I was reading Foxnews’ website. I read it to see what bizarre stories they are trying to push. One of their highlighted ones was about how the “liberal” media tipped the election in Obama’s favor.

What a fantasy world.

The article is odd, filled with falsehoods, and outright delusions.

The article starts out by stating that the media “hammered,” Romney, over inconsequential mistakes. The first example they give of media bias was the criticism from Romney’s trip abroad. In the mind of a Foxnewsian the trip was a great success. Any blunders that Romney made were “trivial,” and distracted from the overall success. Even though Mitt Romney had to apologize for remarks he made about London’s preparedness for the Olympics, and that was only the beginning of his gaffes, the Rightwingers thought his trip was a success – seriously. Here’s a quote from the article…

”the trip “a major substantive success” that was wrapped “in a media narrative of surpassing triviality.”

The article goes on to discuss the “over-hyped” controversy of Romney’s 47% remark.

Yeah, that comment – just blown out of proportion.

Even stranger, it seems to quietly call Matthew Dowd, a former Bush advisor, a liberal. The article, discussing Candy Crowley’s moderating performance stated…

”Crowley became a heroine to many in the liberal media; ABC’s Matt Dowd, for example, cheered “What Candy Crowley did, I actually thought, was laudable….I hope we get to do more of that in this discourse.”

Again, Matt Dowd, was a Bush advisor. He's credited with helping him win a second term in office.

The rest of the article can be found here. Again, it is a sad and disturbing piece of work, but it’s always good to know what’s going on in Republiland.

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