The Weasel Reappears!

Anyone out there remember Carlo LoParo, Ken Blackwell's spokesperson both at his secretary of state office an in his ill-fated gubernatorial campaign of 2006? The guy always exuded a condescending arrogance and a contemptuous disregard for reality that blazed a trail for Josh "The Empty Suit" Mandel. The guy telegraphed that he was a complete liar and he just didn't care, screw you.

LoParo has returned in a job he's perfect for: spokesperson for the deceptively named Protect Your Vote Ohio, the lying bunch that opposed Issue 2 — fair nonpartisan redistricting. There's no valid argument against the plan so LoParo mocks supporters with this upside-down lie, quoted in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Carlo LoParo of Protect Your Vote Ohio, a group that placed television and direct mail ads against Issue 2, said its changes still would have allowed one party to manipulate the process for its own gain, and allowed no mechanism for bipartisan agreement. He noted it was rejected in 86 out of 88 Ohio counties, and said Democratic groups funded the initiative.

As anyone with a functioning brain cell knows, the current system WAS manipulated beyond all reason by one party — LoParo's own Republican Party. it rendered the voice of voters totally irrelevant in electing the Ohio legislature and its congressional delegation. And LoParo is either a braindead idiot or a smirking liar to claim that Issue 2 "allowed no mechanism for bipartisan agreement." (I'm thinking the latter). That is ALL it was about. OK, not actually BIpartisan. It was more about NONpartisan agreement since it gave equal voice to independents and minor party members, something the current system will never, ever do.

I suspect LoParo knows all of that perfectly well, and being the weasel he is, finds enjoyment in deliberately lying about the redistricting process.

I don't know what lies ahead for Voters First Ohio, but I will say that without it, Ohio's legislature and congressional delegation are unable to represent the people of the state effectively. We wouldn't be seeing the flagrant disregard for women that's happening in the statehouse right now. We would see a close to 50/50 representation that by its nature would have to be less incendiary and more rational.

I hope the organizers put it back on the ballot next year and as many times after that as it takes to win. They need to take some of the blame. They did a really poor job of explaining it, trying to hitch it to other issues and confusing voters. Headlining it as being about taking away the influence of powerful corporate special interests in pretty much accurate but getting from a to b is circuitous. They need to make it clear that this is about voters deciding who gets elected, not politicians, in order to overcome the cynical lies of the weasels like LoParo confusing the issue in a ploy to hang onto illegitimate power.

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