Well, Then, We'll Just Have To Stop Him

Defeat has apparently not dampened the unbridled ambition and outsized arrogance of Josh "The Empty Suit" Mandel.


"Mandel insists loss hasn’t ended career, plans re-election run"

This article contains too many laughable moments to summarize them all. The gist of it is that l'il Joshie thinks his losing race for U.S. Senate has set him up for the future, starting with his reelection to the position of Ohio treasurer in 2014.

Two years from now when I’m on the ballot for re-election, I think voters will judge me based on my performance in the treasurer’s office and will recognize that we increased the bond rating, increased security of tax dollars, and cut the [treasurer’s operating] budget in a volatile economic environment, and I’m confident they will see that as a record they want to continue."

Well, Joshie, we're going to be doing our best to see that they will judge you based on FACTS, not your fantasies. That includes facts like hiring a raft of unqualified cronies in top positions, while bureaucrats basically maintained the status quo (no, under you the treasurer's office did NOT perform any amazing magic and you wouldn't know if they did unless you read the self-congratulatory press releases because you were never there), and being repeatedly absent from the office after launching a senate campaign about a month after being sworn in. It includes skipping 14 straight boards of deposit meetings and at one point taking a day off every week while taxpayers were paying your salary to campaign and raise money for that other race.

Yes, we will be working to have voters judge you on THOSE facts, Joshie.

But self-delusion and self-glorification have always been this Empty Suit's hallmarks.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been flooded with phone calls and emails from grassroots volunteers and donors throughout Ohio and America who are communicating their hope and encouragement for me to continue in public leadership.

"Continue" in public leadership? Please. You never STARTED.

And of course, the Empty Suit gets high praise from Bob "The Thug" Bennett, chairman of the Ohio Republican Party and one of the engineers of the chaotic 2004 Ohio election.

He’s still a rising star. I don’t think he’s lost any momentum when you look at his age and ability. Josh Mandel is a very smart individual and a great treasurer.

His abilities are nil, he's not smart, and he's not a great treasurer. But he does have one quality that Bennett has shown he tends to value: a complete lack of ethics and scruples.

The type of campaign that Mandel ran for Senate is the type that sours people on politics and erodes their faith in our system. No matter what Bennett — and Mandel himself — thinks, Mandel is bad for Ohio and the best thing voters can do is put him out of office in 2014. I know it's at the top of the "to do" list of many people I know, who are already talking about potential Democratic candidates. Whoever that candidate turns out to be, Mandel has given them a lot of material to work with.

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