What's Josh Mandel Up to Now?

Well, this is interesting:


"Mandel asks legislators to oppose Kasich-backed Medicaid expansion."

About the only humane and ration thing Governor Taxin' John Kasich has done recently is to agree to the Medicaid expansion. Of course, the far-right Tea Party types are in an uproar about this, and it appears that Josh "The Empty Suit" Mandel is making a big bid to become their special butt bo... I mean darling.

Once again, Mandel's outsized ambition — strapped as always to undersized accomplishment and limited grasp of issues — appears to be driving him.

Mandel's complaint is based more on far-right ideology and vague fears than on an actual understanding of how the expansion works or what its financial fallout might be. It's driven by the radical right's rigid opposition to spending money on anything and its exaggerated deficit fears.

Politically, Kasich’s proposed expansion has been applauded by Democrats, most hospitals and health-care groups, and many within the business community. It has been ridiculed by pundit-level conservatives, while most of the Republicans in the GOP-controlled House and Senate have been fairly quiet.

It appears then that most Ohio Republicans don't want to get into this war — for good reason. Most probably understand that this expansion is fundamentally a positive thing for Ohio, and that it will help make Ohio's budget as well as its citizens healthy. But everything having to do with Obamacare has been distorted and lied about on the right as a personal attack on the President, to help fill ignorant hate-filled teabaggers with still more rage.

So why is Joshie stepping up? What shadowy donors have vowed to fund his future political ambitions if only he will be their mouthpiece? Since he refused to speak out on important issues while he was campaigning for the U.S. Senate — when it would have been not only appropriate but important to do so — what's he looking for now? Is this his way of keeping his public profile high for another run — for what?

Hey — maybe he's being encouraged to challenge Kasich in the Republican primary for governor!!! Now that would be exciting. How many pieces do you think that would rip the Ohio Republican Party into? You wouldn't have just Kasich and Mandel but a livid, fuming Jon Husted who aspires to be governor himself.

This is one we're going to want to keep an eye on!

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