Which Three Ohio Congressmen Are Certifiably Insane & Should Be Removed for the Good of ALL?

Ok, ok, I hear you all shouting "Jim Jordan!" and you got the first one right. The other two are Bob Latta (Oh-05) and Bill Johnson (Oh-06). Voters in those districts had the opportunity to elect someone sane and pragmatic, but they allowed these creatures to continue to infest our government with their extreme government-hating and anti-civilized-society ideas. Do you seriously think it's a good idea to give stewardship of something to someone who has pledged to destroy it?

Look at this:


Correct. Sixty-nine nutcases in Congress are co-sponsoring the "Tax Code Elimination Act" (which we'll alternatively call the "U.S. As New Somalia" Act.) This would almost completely defund the government (it would not eliminate Medicare and Social Security taxes although that's probably in their next bill) by abolishing the income tax code in 2018. It vaguely suggests that maybe future congresses could come up with something or another to replace it. But as long as there are gerrymandering and teabaggers, Congress isn't going to get much done, especially on an issue as enormous as a new tax code to assure that the U.S. even survives.

These 69 congresspersons — a veritable roll call of Crazy such as Paul Broun, Steve King, Darrell Issa, Jack Kingston, Louie Gohmert and of COURSE Michele Bachmann — should be called upon to resign their seats now, as bad-faith saboteurs of America seeking to destroy this country from within. "America" is primarily a governmental entity, and if that government ceases to exist, as these people seem to fantasize about, then America pretty much ceases to exist as well. The voters of Ohio's 4th, 5th and 6th districts should really do some soul-searching, and ask why they elect such anti-patriotic, sociopathic lunatics to represent them in Congress.

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