Who Are Ohio's Environmental Friends in Congress?

Today the League of Conservation Voters released its 2012 Environmental Scorecard, ranking legislators in D.C. on a variety of environment-related issues.

The scores of Ohio's senators and representatives probably will not surprise you.

Starting at the top, Ohio's two senators have wildly divergent scores. Sherrod Brown scores 93%, while Portman comes in at a weak 21%. But that's not as bad as some of his Republican colleagues in the House, many of who probably either don't believe there ARE any issues with the environment and that climate change is all nonsense, or they think Jesus is coming back soon so it doesn't matter (No, seriously — there are those on the far right who feel this way, including President Reagan's Secretary of the Interior James Watt.)

Look at some of these scores to see who is the enemy of protecting our Earth for future generations:

Steve Chabot: 14%
Jim Jordan & Pat Tiberi: 11%
Alleged "moderate" Steve LaTourette and Jean Schmidt (both now out of Congress): 9%
Bob Latta, Mike Turner, Steve Stivers, Jim Renacci, Bobb Gibbs & Bill Johnson: 6%

The worst of the worst of the worst: John Boehner, whose score somehow managed to be -1%.

On the other end of the spectrum, Tim Ryan, Marcia Fudge, Marcy Kaptur and Tim Ryan all score 80% or better. Ryan has a lifetime score of 90%, Marcia Fudge has a lifetime score of 93%. Betty Sutton's is 91%. Alas, she was defeated in November by Jim Renacci whose lifetime score is 6%.

Boehner's lifetime score is 2%. Hey Boehnhead, didn't anyone tell you that wrecking the environment could have a negative impact on all those golf courses you spend so much time on?

You can check out the scorecard for yourself here: http://scorecard.lcv.org/

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