Why are we talking about 2016?

Why are we talking about 2016? Of the various news outlets I read during the day, I’ve been a little disappointed to see how many of the stories have been about Hilary Clinton, and if she’ll run. Or another story basically stated that she had to run. If she didn’t run, the Democrats would lose in 2016; there was just no question.

Why are we talking about this? Barack Obama hasn’t even been sworn in for his second term. Shouldn’t there be a little more focus on what he wants to do in the next four years?

The truth is 2016 is a long way off. Hilary Clinton, is a logical choice for right here and right now, but who knows what we will be facing in four years. After the 2008 elections it didn’t seem like the Republicans would have much success in 2010 and look how that turned out.

Some very smart people have warned us about the “permanent campaign.” How can anything get done if we’re always in campaign mode? But these warnings seem to be of no avail. We can’t seem to help ourselves, to stop ourselves, even if it means saving ourselves.

There needs to be focus

on what we need to get done NOW. As you say, who knows what we will be facing in four years, but we need to be looking at what we must do to make it a better world for people who are not billionaires. And we need to be having conversations and starting the work now for 2014, which will have a significant impact on how things look in 2016.

This talk is stupid and such typical media narrative. They love to gin up these hypothetical races between well-known names. Hillary vs Jeb! Wouldn't that be exciting? Well, no. And for a start, Jeb has no shot whatsoever and odds are Hillary means it when she says she won't run, and even if she has her weak moments, it's pretty likely she'll look at the rigors of a campaign AND the presidency and decide what we all know: she's too old now.

But we need to think about how we're going to eject the entire Republican slate of statewide officials from office in 2014. Ed FitzGerald is having a big fundraising in Cleveland Monday for his gubernatorial campaign (in the evening, not during business hours when the taxpayers are paying his salary, like a certain state treasurer I could mention but have talked entirely too much about). I'm more interested in THAT.

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